Easier. Faster. Accurate COVID-19 Testing.

XpressCollect™ offers an easier, faster, and accurate way to collect and process COVID-19 samples. XpressCollect is an integrated swab and tube sample collection device that is a third of the size of the traditional nasopharyngeal swab used fr COVID-19 PCR testing.

Easier and Faster COVID-19 Testing for Patients, Testing Sites, and Laboratories

XpressCollect makes it easier for patients and testing sites to collect samples and help laboratories process more samples in a day, which means faster results.  

Supervised or unsupervised collection

Designed for automated accessioning

Automation enabled for decapping & recapping

Extraction free workflow

Significantly increase sample throughput

Reduces cost

Expanding Capabilities - Easier, Faster, Accurate Testing for COVID-19 and Beyond

We developed XpressCollect in response to the swab and other testing supply shortages and to help reduce the burden on healthcare workers and lab scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we continue to boost manufacturing capacity and expand access for COVID-19 testing for women’s health, tuberculosis, influenza A&B, and more.