Easier. Faster. Accurate COVID-19 Testing.

XpressCollect™ offers an easier, faster, and accurate way to collect and process COVID-19 samples. XpressCollect is an integrated swab and tube sample collection device that is a third of the size of the traditional nasopharyngeal swab used fr COVID-19 PCR testing.

Easier and Faster COVID-19 Testing for Patients, Testing Sites, and Laboratories

XpressCollect makes it easier for patients and testing sites to collect samples and help laboratories process more samples in a day, which means faster results.  

Supervised or unsupervised collection

Designed for automated accessioning

Automation enabled for decapping & recapping

Extraction free workflow

Significantly increase sample throughput

Reduces cost

Expanding Capabilities - Easier, Faster, Accurate Testing for COVID-19 and Beyond

We developed XpressCollect in response to the swab and other testing supply shortages and to help reduce the burden on healthcare workers and lab scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we continue to boost manufacturing capacity and expand access for COVID-19 testing for women’s health, tuberculosis, influenza A&B, and more.


Engineers working on swab

Accurate COVID-19 Testing

XpressCollect makes COVID-19 testing easier and faster without compromising data.SteriPack has extensive testing data to show that XpressCollect’s sample collection method, sample storage and shipping method, and sample processing method are equivalent to traditional methods of sample collection, storage, and processing for COVID-19 PCR tests.

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Technical Specs

50 mm


8.75 mm

Maximum Diameter

1.4 ml


XpressCollect Certifications

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