Wound Care Medical Devices

Depending on the wound type, treatment solutions comprise of traditional as well as advanced products. While common injuries might be treated with traditional patches, chronic and non-healing wounds, including pressure or diabetic ulcers, burn injuries and other slow healing wounds, require advanced treatment followed by instructions and monitoring of the patient’s state.

SteriPack offers services dedicated to the wound care management sector, embracing complete implementation phases, particularly:

  •  Manufacturing & packing services: liquid & loose filling, kitting, assembly, overwrapping, stitching
  •  Off-the-shelf components sourcing
  •  Injection moulding
  •  Chemical processing along with curing
  •  Assembly & kitting
  •  Sterile packaging
  •  Sterilisation management

The expertise includes:

  • Traditional wound management
  • Advanced wound management (surgical pharmaceutical kits, mechanical stapling devices, skin closure devices, compression therapy)

Typical application areas:

surgical closure instruments, pharmaceutical kits, patches, compresses, bandages.

Medical devices packaging technologies