Supply Chain Management

Successful and efficient supply-chain management requires systems that are agile and robust. That is why SteriPack has spent years dedicated to the development of processes that can be personalised and refined, so that Customers are provided with cutting-edge solutions at every stage of the supply chain. SteriPack has the capabilities to oversee the Customer’s entire network, with specialist expertise in project management and vendor management.

Core services in supply chain management:

  •  OEM components sourcing
  •  Materials sourcing
  •  Incoming inspection
  •  Order and inventory management
  •  Transport optimisation and warehousing
  •  Cost optimisation

Supply chains are often complex and feature multiple stakeholders. To ensure efficiency across a Customer’s network, the vendor management team works to uphold and maintain the standard of excellence set by the SteriPack Group. This includes criticality and risk assessment to define the vendor category and identify any financial risks.

Offering Customers a strategic partnership, the SteriPack Group has the experience to provide a vendor quality evaluation, performance monitoring and – when needed – will train, audit and provide additional support to those vendors who do not meet the Group’s criteria.

For vendors that excel, the SteriPack Group rewards them with a ‘recommended’ status and will prioritise them in future projects. To maintain excellence, SteriPack offers:

  •  Self-assessment questionnaire for all suppliers
  •  Quality certification assessment – ISO, FDA, GMP, etc. 
  •  Auditing of critical suppliers
  •  QAA and supply agreements in place for critical suppliers
  •  Material specification created based on information from vendors, linked to purchase orders

SteriPack's expertise:

vendor management that maintains excellence across the network​.

Medical devices supply chain management