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SteriPack is a global leader in manufacturing high quality, low cost swabs. Now more than ever, our 3” Sterile Polyester Nasal Swabs are being utilized around the world to help combat COVID-19. Each swab is individually packaged and labeled in our state-of-the-art ISO Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing facilities located across North America, Europe and Asia, enabling rapid and direct delivery to our customers.

Gamma Sterilized

FDA and CE Registered

100% Polyester Bud

Flexible Polypropylene Stick

Quality Assurance 
of the Highest Standards

All swabs are not created equal. At SteriPack, we don’t take shortcuts at the expense of delivering a high quality product you can trust to perform safely and consistently. Our swabs are manufactured and sterile packed in our own ISO Class 8 cleanroom facilities and are FDA and CE registered.
Employees working on swab manufacturing in the United States
Engineers working on swab

Rising to the Global Challenge

In early 2020, SteriPack was approached by a world-renowned foundation that saw a global shortage was fast approaching in the swab market for sample collection. So we  teamed up with US Cotton, transformed our manufacturing capacity and quickly put our global footprint of cleanroom facilities to work. By May 2020, we were shipping over 1 million swabs per week directly to FEMA. Today, we’re producing over 90 million per month and shipping wherever there’s an urgent need. Additional capacity is also available.

Sample Our Swabs

Our swabs are ready for sampling right out of the package. But if you’d prefer to sample some first, we’re happy to send you a pack. If you like what you see, we’ll work directly with you to customize an order and get it delivered to you as soon as possible—often within just two weeks.

Technical Specs

0.001 oz

(0.03 gr)

Bud Weight

0.24 in

(6.1 mm)

Bud Diameter

2.87 in

(73 mm)

Swab Length

0.098 in

(2.5 mm)

Stick Diameter

2.75 in

(70 mm)

Stick Length

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SteriPack is a global leader in medical device contract manufacturing and pharmaceutical packaging, with ISO Class 8 cleanroom facilities in Ireland, USA, Poland and Malaysia.