Sterile Barrier Packing

Achieving and maintaining the sterility of medical devices is one of the main challenges facing the industry. This is where packaging systems play crucial role. Sterile barrier system refers to minimum packaging that prevents contamination and helps to sterilize the finished product. The system must guarantee sterility throughout the whole supply chain from production through to the operation room.

The method of delivering the device to the sterile field in the operation room determines the use of single or double barrier packaging. There are many aspects of packaging which require detailed design, testing knowledge and expertise. Working with experienced packaging professionals such as SteriPack will decrease your lead times, reliability and product quality standards.

We offer the best resources and provide sterile packaging capabilities for medical device products. With over 25 years’ experience, ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 qualified clean room, state-of-the-art automated packaging and testing equipment, sterilization and validation know-how and team of experts – SteriPack ensures outstanding sterile packaging services.

From conception through to delivery, SteriPack’s experts use their sterile packaging knowledge to help with design, development and implementation support that is required to bring a product to market. SteriPack offers a fully integrated single source solution for all your packaging needs.

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Sterile barrier packaging