Powder Filling

SteriPack’s experience in powder based medical devices ranges from project design and development through all of the stages of process implementation and management. SteriPack experts tailor production and packaging solutions to the Customer and product requirements. The production capabilities ensure precise dosage accuracy as well as a wide range of volumes. Powder is filled directly into sterile barrier pouches during the automated filling process. Specification of current capabilities:

  •  Mass based filling  
  •  Resolution: +/- 0.1 grams
  •  1 Gram to 500 Gram capability

SteriPack covers a wide range of processes connected with powder filling including: 

  •  Design & development
  •  Process implementation
  •  Supply chain management
  •  Regulatory advice
  •  Material advice
  •  Sterilisation
  •  Serialisation

Typical application areas:

Collagen powder used for wound care filled into a sterile barrier foil pouch, packed into a shelf box

Powder Filling