Pouching, Blistering and Customised Packing

Pharmaceutical products often come with secondary packaging which groups the content together and protects it from various physical, chemical and biological factors. Contamination and exposure are some of the key considerations when selecting suitable packaging material and either pouch, blister or other customized solutions.

Choosing the right partner in pharmaceutical contract packaging will give you confidence that the best possible materials will be used and tailored to meet customer requirements and legal regulations.

With more than 25 years of experience SteriPack holds expertise in packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products right from initial artwork and packaging design through to commercial product packaging, serialization and aggregation. We advise on supply chain and country specific regulatory requirements ensuring the most efficient timelines to releasing a product on the market. In addition to industry standard packaging solutions like pouching and blistering, SteriPack offers customized options both for additions to standard solutions like protective inserts, moisture resistance etc. and innovative ideas for packaging concepts.

Our packaging capabilities:

  •  Pouching (paper, foil, film, polymer, Tyvek) 
  •  Blistering (thermoformed, cold formed)
  •  Customized packaging solutions


Other capabilities:

  •  Assembly and kitting
  •  Cartoning
  •  Repackaging
  •  Relabelling
  •  Components replacement
  •  Sterilization validation and management
  •  Local market customization

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