Pouching, Blistering and Customised Packing


The SteriPack Group has more than two decades of experience in consulting, implementing, validating pouch packaging solutions. Customers are provided turnkey sterilisation management solutions if required. SteriPack offers both customised and standardised pouch solutions depending on the Customers’ needs. The experience allows the company to advise within all available pouch materials:

  •   Paper
  •   Foil
  •   Film
  •   Polymer
  •   Tyvek ®


The SteriPack Group advises in designing and development and guides through the implementation process to deliver a complete blister packaging solution for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

SteriPack Contract Packaging serves manual, semi-automated and fully-automated secondary blistering.

Blister packaging consists of 2 basic components:

  •  Forming film (thermoformed/cold-formed)
  •  Lidding material (push-through/peelable)

The main consideration in selecting suitable material is a degree to which the product needs to be protected (from light, moisture & gas permeation) and costs. The choice of film thickness affects both material cost and barrier properties.

Other considerations are:

  •  Machineability
  •  Production rate
  •  Depth of the blister
  •  Wall thickness and uniformity of the thickness
  •  Sealing properties

Customised packing solutions

On top of industry standard packaging solutions (like pouching & blistering), SteriPack offers customised options both for additions to standard solutions (like protective inserts, moisture resistance…) and totally new ideas for packaging concepts. SteriPack’s expertise in device concept design is translated into tailor made packaging solutions to meet Customer specific requirements. Once the expected properties of the desired packaging are known, they become an input information to the concept design procedure and are modelled into a few novel packaging concepts from which the complete design & development process starts.

Typical application areas:

tailored pouch, blister and customised packaging solutions compliant with global regulations.

Medical device blistering