Serialisation and Aggregation

In order to ensure compliance with global pharmaceutical regulations, SteriPack Group implements serialisation and aggregation systems across all of their facilities. The level 4/5 code management from the country regulatory bodies as well as the individual country requirements is set individually, due to specific project requirements. SteriPack Group serialises and aggregates based on specifically driven Customer requirements through the level 1/3 factory deployed solution. All the solutions comply with the international requirements, based on the country specific needs.

Serialisation and aggregation management in SteriPack Group includes:

  •  Functionality for 1-2-3 levels of serialisation
  •  Up to 3 layers of aggregation management
  •  Manual or automated manufacturing process serialisation management, depending on Customer’s specific required solutions
  •  Unified platform system deployed throughout the SteriPack Group to ensure optimal control

SteriPack's expertise:

compliance with global pharmaceutical regulations.

Serialisation and aggregation