Pharmaceutical Product Assembly and Kitting

The SteriPack Group offers medical product assembly ranging from manual through semi-automated to fully-automated processes under pharmaceutical regulations. SteriPack operates in controlled cGMP compliant Grade D facilities. Regarding the Customer’s requirements and the product cycle, SteriPack may switch from a manual or semi-automated to an automated assembly process.

Advantages of a semi-automated process:

  •  More flexible to accommodate lower annual quantity
  •  Better fit for smaller batch sizes
  •  Up-front investment can be spread over years and follow ramping up volumes
  •  Better contingency (majority of the equipment set up as duplicated and simpler than automated – in case of breakdowns easier and quicker to fix)
  •  Shorter lead-times for first launch of a project
  •  Lessons learnt and future improvements easier to implement and/or introduced on more expensive automated lines
  •  Lower maintenance cost

Disadvantages of a semi-automated process:

  •  Higher unit cost and limited opportunities of economy scale with growing volumes
  •  More dedicated space needed for peak volumes
  •  More operator dependent process

SteriPack's expertise:

cGMP and D Grade compliant facility cleanroom assembly.

pharmaceutical product assembly