Pharmaceutical Product Assembly and Kitting

The healthcare industry is developing increasingly better drug therapies that often require self-administration. Very often these are complex sets consisting of multiple components such as syringes, vials, swabs and leaflets.

Preparation of such sets is very time and labor intensive and very often has to be done manually. All components should be assembled and combined into a complete set and ensuring the proper content for every produced package is critical. The process normally involves sourcing and coordinating with multiple suppliers and outsourcing the whole process results in cost reduction whilst maintaining the highest quality in line with the requirements of cGMP.

As a trusted provider we offer pharmaceutical assembly and kitting ranging from manual and semi-automated to fully automated processes, complying to strict regulations. We operate in controlled cGMP compliant facilities and provide value-added turnkey solutions including:

  •  Dedicated Grade C and D clean room
  •  Packaging expertise and optimization
  •  Labelling
  •  Serialization and aggregation (hyperlink)
  •  Extensive inspection systems (in-process control)
  •  Supply chain management
  •  Regulatory advice
  •  Local market customization
  •  Pre-filled syringes (PFS) expertise

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