Pharmaceutical Kitting and Boxing

Kitting is the process of packing separated items into a set, it is usually performed manually by an operator and is time and labour intensive. However, at SteriPack we also implent semi-automated and automated solutions, finding the optimal method for your products. Boxing comes after assembling and / or kitting and refers to shelf box and shipper box packing. Delivering the complete package is crucial for saving people’s lives and improving their health. 

At SteriPack we are very experienced in designing and implementing tailored solutions to suit our customers specific requirements regarding accuracy, efficiency and crucially, the quality. We offer complete engineering process management, fully executing all relevant steps from process set up, flow, sourcing of materials through to creating documentation and staff training. You will gain manufacturing and storage space, have a lower scrap rate, less waste and reduce workplace inefficiencies. Our facilities offer ISO 13485 systems for all processes.

Our kitting and boxing solutions:

  •  Dedicated clean room ISO class ISO 7 and 8
  •  Packaging expertise and optimization
  •  Labelling
  •  Quality control
  •  Sterilization management
  •  Supply chain support

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Pharmaceutical kitting and boxing