Packaging Technologies and Equipment

Depending on the product life cycle and Customer requirements SteriPack offers tailor made solutions with manual, semi-automated & fully automated processes for assembly, kitting and packing.

Manual packing processes are employed usually in scenarios where lower production volumes are required. Manual welding process of pouches as well as blisters allows for almost unlimited customisation, which is required for non-standard shapes, weight or features. In-process testing of manual packing may include camera scanning in addition to eye-control.

Combined operator and machine work – semi-automation – can be developed depending on the process requirements and available solutions and conditions. For high production volume full-automation is recommended. Incorporation of semi- or full-automated packing solutions is usually supported by vision-control systems to ensure required product quality.

Pouch & blister semi- and full-automated sealing

Four sides machine sealing of pouches & blisters (4SS)

SteriPack offers cleanroom filling and in-process sealing of medical devices using pouches as well as blisters. In case of flat medical devices four-side-sealing machine fed with flexible rollstock material with customised print available can be recommended. For bigger batch sizes and flat products (i.e. wound care dressings) it is an optimal method of packaging offering short lead time and cost advantages.

  •  Designed for automatic packing and sealing of flat devices (up to 4 mm thick)
  •  Productive in single or multi lane
  •  Diminished noise level
  •  Pouches up to 320 mm wide

Modular system allows high level of adaptation to specific requirements. Applies to: all thermo sealable or cold sealable composites.

Options: multi lane, special infeed conveyors, automated feeder systems, thumb notches, shape cutting tools, control by camera, automatic rejection stations, stacking systems, different kind of printing and labelling systems could be installed.

Form fill sealing

Form fill sealing technology enables packaging forming, filling and sealing using one machine. Thermoforming refers to plastic based packagings, which first in a forming station are heated and blown to the required shape than cooled in the following step to become rigid. Coldformed is usually aluminuim foil, which obtsins required shape in a process of stamping. In both cases the packaging is next filled and sealed.

SteriPack offers semi-automated and fully-automated packing solutions combined with assembly, kitting and labelling. To ensure quality and repeatability the processes are validated. Due to the Customers requirements a camera vision-control system can be added at critical stages.

Typical application areas:

manual, semi-automated & automated processes of assembly, kitting and packing.

Medical devices packaging technologies