Packaging Services


SteriPack’s expertise allows to develop the best solutions to ensure supreme product quality. For over 25 years, SteriPack has advised Customers on pouch material depending on the stored product, following procedures and requirements of the end-user. Process validation, testing and control systems give the Customer certainty of receiving a safe product of the best quality.


SteriPack offers sourcing and blister packing services. In order to ensure safety and sterility of the product for the end-user, the company can develop either standard or customised packaging. The main concern is the safety level – in order to protect the product from light, moisture, gas permeability, whilst trying to keep the costs as low as possible . The choice of blister film and lid affects both material cost and barrier properties. SteriPack specialises in thermoformed blister solutions.

Customised packaging services

For specific product requirements, SteriPack helps to develop customised packaging solutions, which include pouches, blisters as well as tailor made packaging such as injection moulded and thermoformed elements.

SteriPack's expertise:

design and development of pouch, blister and customised solutions and packing services.

medical devices blister and pouch sterile barrier packaging