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Medical device packaging services should start at a very early stage of product development. The more detailed the packaging requirements, the more suitable the packaging will be, meeting both customer requirements and those of notified bodies such as the US FDA and EU MDR.

Outsourcing of packaging services ranges from design through to serial production. It allows companies to focus on the device concept and specifications rather than having to invest in manufacturing, which is especially critical for start-ups and medium-size companies. It is the responsibility of external partners such as SteriPack to advise on solutions, sharing our expertise to ensure packaging sterility is maintained throughout the process, all the way to the product reaching the patient. SteriPack’s core activity is medical devices packaging, which includes:

  •  Packaging design and development
  •  Prototyping (3D printing / molding)
  •  Regulatory advice and support
  •  Process development
  •  Packaging validation
  •  Sourcing of materials
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Packaging
  •  Boxing
  •  Sterilization

Some further details on SteriPack’s packaging solution capabilities are outlined below:

Our expertise allows to develop the best solutions to ensure supreme product quality. For over 25 years SteriPack has advised customers on pouch materials. Our knowledge and expertise have ensured each customer receives the best solution for their product. During the design process we focus on factors such as product storage and transportation, procedures and requirements of the end-user, and regulations. Our process validation, testing and control systems assure our customers that they will receive a safe product of the best quality.

SteriPack offers sourcing and blister packing services. In order to guarantee safety and sterility of the product for the end user, we help companies decide whether developing standard or customized packaging is best for their product. The main concern is the safety level as it essential to protect the product from the likes of light, moisture and gas permeability, whilst doing our best to make sure the costs are reasonable. SteriPack specializes in material selection as considerations such as the choice of blister film and lid affects both material cost and barrier properties. We also specialize in thermoformed blister solutions.

Customized packaging services
For specific product requirements, SteriPack experts help to develop customized packaging solutions, from conception and design through to the final manufactured good. These services can include injection molded, 3D printed or thermoformed elements.

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