Overprint on Devices

SteriPack offers customised printing services for the final finish of your medical device or medical packaging product.

Hot Stamp Printing

Hot Stamp Printing can be used to create a highly detailed finish on relatively hard plastic surfaces. A tailor made heated die transfers the printing contents from a carbon ribbon and embosses this into the product surface. Small details can be printed with precision directly on the product surface and this offers a long lasting robust surface print which is resistant to abrasive contact. Hot Stamping is especially recommended for:

  •  Precision printing (even with small details)
  •  Long lasting print resistance to abrasive contact
  •  Relatively hard plastic surfaces
  •  Surfaces that can be exposed to heat
  •  Suitable for short and long print runs

Pad printing

Pad printing is sometimes more commonly referred to as Tampo Printing and uses a silicone stamp to transfer the ink directly onto the product surface, which subsequently cures at room temperature. Pad Printing is most commonly used for:

  •  Curved and complex shapes
  •  Print content of relatively low precision
  •  Multi-colour print
  •  Soft surfaces where hot stamp printing cannot be applied
  •  Surfaces which cannot be exposed to excessive heat
  •  Suitable especially for longer print runs (small also possible)
  •  Lower set up and print plate costs

Typical application areas:

CE marking, gauge marking, device stamping.

Medical device contract manufacturing