Contract Services Dedicated to Orthopedic Medical Devices

SteriPack specializes in orthopedic implant dedicated contract manufacturing services:

  •  Final contamination removing
  •  Sterile barrier packaging
  •  Sterilization management: advisory, validation, supply chain management

Due to requirements, the engineering teams support Customers with design and development of packaging, production process, validation and regulatory advice. Any type of orthopedic implants, especially spinal, trauma and extremities: plates, screws, nails, guide wires and others as well as surgical instruments which require a dedicated approach to fulfill sterility requirements.

Starting from the design & development to the ready-to-market solution, the offer concentrates on the following cleanroom manufacturing services:

  •  Injection molding and overmolding
  •  3D printing/Additive manufacturing
  •  Cleaning and disinfecting
  •  Assembly
  •  Packaging and sterilization (including customized packaging design and development)

SteriPack’s hands on experience in orthopedic cleaning, packaging and sterilization services:

+ 4,000,000 implants cleaned, packed and sterilized annually

+ 150,000 implant batches handled annually

+ 3,800 implant SKU’s handled annually

+ 10 years experience in cleaning, packaging and sterilization services

On every stage of product implementation, SteriPack’s team advises the best possible solutions. Our best engineering practices allow to anticipate and prevent potential issues, including delays and additional costs.

Typical aplication areas:

surgical single-use & reusable instruments, orthopaedic implants, bone cement mixing systems.

orthopaedic implants contract manufacturing