Contract Services Dedicated to Orthopedic Medical Devices

The orthopedic devices industry is witnessing significant growth due to an aging global population and the rise of musculoskeletal conditions triggered by obesity and sedentary lifestyles. 3D printing technology and robot assisted surgeries are expected to have a huge impact on the market, leading to greater accessibility and customization of surgery. Minimally invasive surgical procedures and innovative biodegradable implants will increase the importance of orthopedic devices in the near future.

Given the rapid growth of the industry, it is vital that companies continue to innovate and rapidly bring new concepts to market. Outsourcing to SteriPack will allow your company to:

  •  Deliver products to the market faster
  •  Benefit from innovative experts at SteriPack
  •  Free up resources and space.

SteriPack specializes in orthopedic and dental implants as well as instrument contract cleaning, packaging (with an option to design and optimize individual packaging) and sterilization. With the large variety of devices found across the market, SteriPack recognizes the need for custom-made packaging. Our promise is to collaborate with our customers to bring a tailored service, going beyond orthopedic and dental contract manufacturing to include expert knowledge in contract design and development of customized packaging. One of our specialist areas is sharp ended or fragile devices where we have three distinguished packaging solutions:

Standard (double pouch or double blister):

  •  Double pouch or double blister packing
  •  Quick project implementation time and lowest implementation cost
  •  No specific features to accommodate non-standard shapes of implants/products
  •  No visible differentiation of packaging on the market

Standard PLUS (All standard packaging features and additional):

  •  Unique features, functionality and look of the packaging
  •  Additional protection features, especially against puncture
  •  Typically including molded, 3D printed or thermoformed insert
  •  Longer lead-time and higher implementation cost

Fully customized (blue ocean sterile barrier packaging)

  •  Unique proprietary packaging with possible IP for Customer
  •  Unlimited options of unique packaging with special requirements, functionality and safety 100% adjusted to products needs
  •  Possible non-standard packaging manufacturing technologies (i.e. molding)
  •  2+ years project lead-time and highest implementation cost

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Packaging design

  •  Sterile barrier packaging design
  •  Packaging insert design
  •  Secondary packaging concept design
  •  Rapid prototyping / 3D printing
  •  Seal integrity testing
  •  Transport testing / Aging testing

Cleaning and rinsing

  •  Ultrasonic cleaning with or without detergents
  •  Cleaning with IPA
  •  Rinsing and drying with hot air
  •  Water purification station with reversed osmosis onsite

Sterile barrier packaging and testing

  •  Manual and automated sterile barrier packing
  •  IQ, OQ, PQ validations
  •  Optional shelf life and transport testing

Labelling and final packaging

  •  Manual and automated labelling
  •  Vision control system / four-eye principle
  •  Assembly and kitting
  •  Unit box final packing

Sterilization management

  •  Gamma, e-beam, x-ray or EO sterilization
  •  Sterilization validation

Value added services

  •  Supply chain management
  •  Clean room injection molding, insert molding and overmolding
  •  3D printing
  •  Incoming inspection and measurements
  •  Device overprint
  •  Assembly
  •  Welding

Supported areas:

  •  Orthopedic and dental implants
  •  Single-use instruments and devices
  •  Bone cement mixing systems
  •  Navigation devices

SteriPack’s hands on experience in orthopedic cleaning, packaging and sterilization services:

+ 4,000,000 implants cleaned, packed and sterilized annually

+ 150,000 implant batches handled annually

+ 3,800 implant SKU’s handled annually

+ 10 years experience in cleaning, packaging and sterilization services

On every stage of product implementation, SteriPack’s team advises the best possible solutions. Our best engineering practices allow to anticipate and prevent potential issues, including delays and additional costs. Contact us to learn more:

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