Cleaning and Rinsing

How a medical device is machined will dictate the most effective cleaning method. Typically, this cleaning method will entail rinsing, passivation or ultrasonic cleaning depending on the level of impurities to be removed as well as it’s cleanliness requirements.  SteriPack offers following forms of medical device cleaning and rinsing:

  •  Cleaning with & without detergents
  •  Ultrasonic cleaning and drying
  •  Rinsing & disinfecting

All water used in the rinsing and cleaning process meets the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia.

Final decontamination – washing & disinfecting

SteriPack specialises in fully automated, microprocessor-controlled mechanical processes, specifically designed for medical device cleaning. Our cleaning processes are designed to handle moisture and temperature-stable devices prior to further processing – for example blister packaging and sterilisation.

Each rinsing cycle is individually designed and validated to meet the requirements of our Customers’ devices and, prior to processing, the SteriPack Group experts will advise on the most appropriate rinsing and cleaning cycle for their devices.

Ultrasonic cleaning and drying

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound and, when needed, an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean devices. Each cleansing cycling is carefully designed by the SteriPack Group experts to ensure effective removal of impurities.

Customised cleaning services

When required, for specific purposes, SteriPack offers customised cleaning services.

Typical application areas:

orthopaedic or dental implants, orthopaedic or surgical instruments.