Cleaning and Rinsing

Cleaning and rinsing are some of the final decontamination steps of medical devices manufacturing prior to sterile and non-sterile packaging. It is most commonly associated with metal or titanium implants and other orthopedic instruments. There are a few key factors in determining the most suitable cleaning or rinsing method. It is essential to establish is the contamination level of the devices prior to entering the clean room as well as the required cleanliness of the devices for single-use packaging.

SteriPack can both recommend and develop the most suitable process for our customers products or take over the validated process currently used by the customer. Each cleaning and rinsing cycle is individually designed or adjusted and validated to meet the requirements of our customers. All processes are carried out in ISO 8 clean room environments.

SteriPack offers the following processes of medical device cleaning and rinsing:

  •  Ultrasonic cleaning (with or without detergents)
  •  Cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting (with or without detergents)
  •  Alcohol dipping
  •  Drying (integrated with the cleaning and rinsing in a drying cabinet or with compressed air)

Purified water used in the cleaning and rinsing process complies with Pharmacopoeia standards and comes from an in-house purification station.

We offer other value-added services that can be carried out after cleaning and rinsing:

  •  Sterile or non-sterile barrier packaging
  •  Kitting
  •  Boxing
  •  Labelling
  •  Sterilization

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