Medical Creams and Gels

SteriPack guides Customers through the entire product implementation process of fluid-based wet medical devices. Starting from the concept to delivering the ready to be commercialised final product. SteriPack specialises in:

  •  Female health
  •  Wound care
  •  Nasal care
  •  Oral care

Formulation and product development

  •  Sample Development
  •  Expansive formulation capabilities
  •  Unique formulation concepts
  •  Creative packaging designs
  •  Pilot batches from 200kg-1200kg

Technical and legislative services

  •  Advice on current product legislation and upcoming amendments
  •  Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)
  •  Stability and Bio-burden Testing
  •  Preparation of Product Information Files (PIF)
  •  Product Registration


  •  Variety of modern Swiss manufacturing vessels and processes with bulk capacity of up to 1200kg of pastes & liquids
  •  Capacity to manufacture and fill a variety of viscosity ranges
  •  Capacity to manufacture 6 million kg of liquids & pastes annually

Filling and packing

  •  World class precision filling, labelling, coding & packing machines on site
  •  Plastic and aluminium laminate tube filling from 10ml to 125ml
  •  Filling of plastic bottles from 50ml – 500ml, trial batches are also catered

Typical application areas:

liquids, pastes, gels, active ingredients: vaginal moisturisers, wound care management solutions, nasal gels/liquids, coatings, scar management gels, hydro gels.