Diagnostics Medical Devices

The wide range of medical diagnostic devices starts from simple blood tests and reaches highly sophisticated DNA technology. It includes reagents, calibrators, control materials, kits, software, and related instruments.

SteriPack’s team of specialists and technical experts can help with obtaining a perfect solution for every diagnostic device, maintaining consistency with the strict medical regulations. The full scope of medical diagnostics device services includes:

  •  Design
  •  3D printing / additive manufacturing 
  •  Injection moulding
  •  Assembly
  •  Packing
  •  Sterilisation
  •  CE Marking
  •  Supply chain management

SteriPack’s contract services are designed to support Customers at every stage of product development. Both regulatory and industry experience helps to proceed smoothly through all challenges and needs.

Typical application areas:

blood test vials, allergy tests, breath monitoring devices.

medical devices injection moulding