CT Scanning and CT Measurement Services

Advanced measurement of complexed shapes has always been a challenge for traditional methods – not to mention internal dimensions of complicated medical devices. The only way to carry them out was to disassemble the entire device. Now with the modern industrial CT scanners we are able to perform totally non-destructive testing.

Industrial CT scanning is a fast, accurate, non-invasive technology that can save a great deal of time and avoid the expense of constructing custom fixtures. Unlike laser scanning, CMMs and optical metrology, CT scanning provides a detailed view of internal parts or assembly features without cutting or disassembling, preserving valuable prototypes. Choosing this technology over traditional approaches can help accelerate and simplify the process of moving a part into production.

We provide world-class industrial CT scanning and CT measurements services to speed up metrology and validations. Our system can effectively scan and inspect parts up to 260mm x 420mm and 10kg weight with full GD&T functionality.

We provide full scope of CT measurements:

  •  First article inspection (FAI)
  •  Failure investigation
  •  Part to CAD comparison
  •  Part to part comparison
  •  Reverse engineering (golden sample)
  •  Porosity analysis
  •  Wall thickness analysis

The primary benefits of CT Scanning services include:

  •  Non-destructive measurements
  •  Reduced operating costs
  •  Shortened development time
  •  Increased production ability
  •  Improved product quality and accuracy
  •  Reduced number of product recalls

Typical application areas:

part to part comparison, part to CAD comparison, dimensional inspection services, assembly analysis, reverse engineering