Corporate Responsibility

SteriPack takes the health of the planet and of all its inhabitants seriously. In every decision made, SteriPack is considered to have a positive impact on people and to be responsible with the environmental resources that must be looked after on behalf of the generations to come.

Putting people and the planet first


SteriPack is a forward-thinking business by nature, which means working towards a long-lasting and positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. This mission guides SteriPack in all aspects, from the way the products are made, to the way services are delivered.

SteriPack works hard to ensure a safe and enjoyable working environment for all of its employees and to have a positive impact on its surrounding community.

Environmental positioning statement​


Inclusivity and diversity are assets for a successful business, as they contribute to an encouraging work environment and provide a wealth and variety of new ideas and ways to solve problems. This is the core of who SteriPack is as a business.

Encouraging diversity and inclusion


We could not have been taken seriously on our commitment to protecting the planet, if we did not do our utmost to minimise the waste produced. SteriPack is, therefore, working to reduce its carbon footprint by producing fewer waste and less emissions through transportation. In the manufacturing, SteriPack is looking into innovative ways of how energy usage can be reduced and how to preserve the planet and its natural resources for which are relied upon.

Reducing waste

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