Coiling and Bonding


Coiling is a method used for plastic tube assembly. A coiled tube is easier for carrying and packing. There are several ways of coiling tubes:

  •  Manual coiling 
  •  Semi-automated coiling
  •  Automated coiling

Determining the exact way depends on the provided material and batch size. Automated and semi-automated methods require special tools that need to be manufactured before starting production.


Bonding generally means joining two or more components. It must be efficient and permanent. Very often it means turning to adhesives such as glue and other carbon or epoxy-based composites.

Whether bonding plastic, metal, glass, rubber or ceramic to another substrate material, adhesives distribute their load evenly over a broad area, reducing stress on the joint. If applied inside the joint, they are invisible within the assembly. They join irregular shaped surfaces more easily than mechanical or thermal fastening, barely increasing assembly weight, creating virtually no change in part dimensions or geometry, and quickly and easily bonding dissimilar substrates and heat-sensitive materials.

SteriPack offers semi-automated coiling and mechanical and chemical bonding of medical devices

Typical application areas:

dispenser hoops, bonding plastic parts etc.

Medical device bonding