Orthopedic Implants Capabilities

At SteriPack we develop custom cleaning and packaging solutions for your orthopedic device. Many factors influence the path we take. These factors include:


How your implant is machined will dictate the most effective cleaning method. Typically, this cleaning method will entail rinsing, passivation or ultrasonic cleaning depending on the level of impurities to be removed as well as it’s cleanliness requirements.


The shape and size of your implant will greatly influence the packaging design. Whether it’s double-pouching, double-blistering or customised packaging, the goal remains the same; protect the product and maintain its sterile barrier.

Label Requirements

Given the level of customisation available today for Implants, a label control system plays a crucial role in delivering the right product to the right patient. Whether it’s a manual 4-eye-check or an automated vision control system, it is imperative to have full control over the labelling process.

Box configuration

There are many ways to optimise the final boxing configuration and sterilisation cycle of your implants. Whether you choose a standard or custom-made box, gamma, E-beam or x-ray, the main goal is the stability and safety of your product. Need help introducing your sterile orthopedic device into the marketplace? SteriPack is the contract manufacturer of choice when it comes to: optimising cleaning processes, developing sterile packaging, labelling, boxing and sterilisation of your implant. Please click here to contact a member of our sales team to find out more.