Cost Reduction

SteriPack has a track record of simplifying customer designs and reducing overall product costs. A recent example of this was our work with a leading orthopedic company where the company was introducing a product for tendon retrieval. SteriPack reviewed the design and proposed a new solution which significantly reduced the number of parts and also reduced the product cost by > 40%.

Reducing Time to Market

When introducing new products, Time to Market is a significant measure for all our customers and SteriPack has supported our customers in reducing this key measure. Recently, a customer requested support from SteriPack to help solve some late design concerns and build the tools for the injection molded components of a Class III product which was due to be launched in 3 months. SteriPack met the timelines getting the tools built and validated in this very short timeframe and our customer had a successful new product launch.


SteriPack has always adopted a flexible approach in meeting the needs of its customers in both Contract Manufacturing and Medical Packaging. In the past year SteriPack Poland upgraded its Quality System and was approved for a Pharma License. Getting this Pharma License allowed SteriPack Poland to tender for a combination product that one of customers wants manufactured.