At SteriPack Contract Manufacturing, our network of global manufacturing facilities ensures we support customers worldwide.



SteriPack Contract Manufacturing Europe

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing plant in Poland was established in 2006 and focuses on contract engineering and manufacturing services. Located in Jelcz-Laskowice (near Wroclaw), Poland it operates in 7,000 sqm in size plant and clean-rooms class ISO 8 and ISO 7 as well as Class D dedicated for pharma and combination products.

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing Leg,ul. Japonska 1 55-220 Jelcz-Laskowice Poland tel: +48 7138 181 99 fax: + 48 7138 181 98

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing Asia

SteriPack’s Contract Manufacturing plant in Malaysia was established in 2008 and operates a 8,500 sqm facility. As part of SteriPack Group the company specialises in Blister Packaging Solutions  with a cGMP compliant Grade D facility , Flexible Medical Packaging and Contract Manufacturing Services to meet the global demand of our multinational customers.

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing Lot 119992, Jalan Canang Emas 8, Telok Gong Industrial Estate, Klang 42000, Selangor Malaysia tel: +60 33167 3596 fax: +60 3 3167 3597

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing USA

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing USA is located in Lakeland Florida and specializes in flexible Medical Packaging and Contract Manufacturing service solutions. The facility is 4,000 sqm (43,000 sq. ft) in size.

SteriPack Contract Manufacturing 4255 S. Pipkin Road, Lakeland, Florida 33811, USA tel: +1 863 648 2333 Fax + 1 863 648 2999